Post-Normal ASEAN: The Rise of Entrepreneurial Marketing


In an era where the internet and social media have become an important part of various human activities, from children to the elderly, many start-up companies have emerged fast. Several of them have achieved success in a short time in this era, encouraging interest in the topic of entrepreneurship and marketing. The marketing practice of entrepreneurs, who generally have limited resources and face uncertainty, but can grab the attention of potential customers, is interesting study material. It is what makes entrepreneurial marketing such a popular topic in recent years.


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted various industrial sectors and was forced to accelerate digital transformation in an uncertain situation has made entrepreneurial marketing increasingly attracting people’s attention. Previously, entrepreneurial marketing seemed only to be related to start-up companies, and then in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, it expanded to various companies, including established companies. Moreover, many of them can quickly innovate and achieve good results in a short time in the era of the covid-19 pandemic.


ASEAN, one of the largest regional economic regions in the world, apparently has many entrepreneurs from various backgrounds who innovate to survive and innovate to use the COVID-19 pandemic to grow faster. The Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing (PK CAM), which Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya founded, and Hooi Den Huan is interested in knowing more about entrepreneurial marketing practices in ASEAN during the pandemic. Supported by MarkPlus Inc and MarketeersTV, The 7th ASEAN Marketing Summit was held with the topic, “Post Normal ASEAN: The Rise of Entrepreneurial Marketing.”


Inspired by the book Entrepreneurial Marketing, the annual event, which tri-founders PK CAM and Jacky Mussry are writing, will feature several entrepreneurs from ASEAN. There is Tony Fernandes of Air Asia Group, who, 20 years ago, revolutionized the aviation industry, but during the pandemic tried to develop an e-commerce business because his airline business was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, Armand Hartono of BCA is not increasingly popular for internet and mobile banking but has a security guard, an important element of his offline service, which is favored on social media during the covid-19 pandemic. Then there is Ricky Afriyanto Mayora, whose product was once taken into space by the NASA crew, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it could appear in one of the popular Korean drama scenes.


The ASEAN Marketing Summit featured innovative entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic and Entrepreneurial Marketing book authors, such as Hermawan Kartajaya, Hooi Den Huan, Jacky Mussry, and pricing experts, from a company founded by pricing guru Hermann Simon. In addition, there are also Presidents from the National Marketing Association who are members of the Asia Marketing Federation. Not to forget, important officials in ASEAN will also be present.



Ticket Fees
1 participant: IDR 750.000
3 participants: IDR 2.000.000
5 participants: IDR 2.500.000
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